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Paul Mengert Understands The Importance Of Legal Counsel

September 16, 2015
Paul Mengert has seen plenty of homeowners associations gets into legal trouble. It is a risk that they take when they begin operating and which many of them seem to avoid. However, when an association does get into legal trouble, it is nice to have a legal counsel on board already. Certainly many homeowners associations keep legal counsels on retainer or even involved in the Board.

It is important to have someone like this on board so that the Board of Directors for a homeowners association has someone to reference or call when they have questions about the legality of something they wish to do, or something someone else is doing, etc. Legal counsel is often needed since bylaws and extensive rules are in force.

A legal counsel for a homeowners association needs to be skilled because community association law is constantly changing. They have to have an understanding of a range of fields related to homeowners or community associations, including premise liability, construction warranty, directors' liability, real estate, contracts, architectural and design review, insurance, employment, taxation, environmental law, water regulation, and collections and foreclosure. Paul Mengert knows how important the role of legal counsel is because he has seen community associations without a qualified person in this role.
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